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Have you been struggling? Are you dreading another day of merely existing, spiraling downward, feeling stuck? Do fear, confusion, and self-doubt consume you?

Meet Anahid Lisa Derbabian (pronounced Ah-nah-heed), LPC, professional counselor/therapist and life coach, who will inspire you to create the life you are meant to live.

Anahid provides life-changing counseling and coaching through deep, intuitive support and guidance. As Anahid’s passion also is to inspire large numbers of people in this world, she provides presentations, training, and writings that impact.

We look forward to helping you to engage in the exciting next steps of your life’s journey.


Heal & Experience Joy

Do you feel sad, overwhelmed, anxious, or fearful? Is your relationship in a dark place? Might you be confused about your career or your place in this world? Do you just not know what to do to make your life right?

This is your time. Find your deep reservoir of hope, connect with your authentic self, and get ready for your powerful journey.

A professional counselor and life coach, Anahid Lisa Derbabian will intuitively and strategically counsel/coach you to heal yourself and your relationships, understand your personal power, and propel yourself forward towards the life that you never imagined possible. Anahid also impacts groups, large and small, through inspirational presentations, training, and writings.

Let Anahid help you create the life you are meant to live. Call 248 202.0583.

Meet Anahid

Be guided out of the darkness and into the light. Anahid Lisa Derbabian, a Nationally-Certified and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and life coach, powerfully will help you create a life of joy, purpose, peace, success, adventure, and far more.

While building a successful marketing career, Anahid’s family, friends, and colleagues often commented on how she deeply impacted them with her intuitive and loving spirit. Upon realizing her life’s mission was to impact and heal people in deep ways, she returned to school while working full-time and earned a master’s degree in counseling with honors.

Through the years, Anahid has become known for helping people to powerfully and deeply connect with their true self and desires. You will release old patterns that do not serve you, adopt healthy coping mechanisms, and move forward with purpose and passion in creating a beautiful life.

Anahid counsels and coaches in private practice (and via technology to coach virtually). She also provides inspirational presentations, training, and writings

Let Anahid help you become your best self and live a life that you never believed possible. Call 248 202.0583.

Anahid Lisa Derbabian
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Counseling & Life Coaching

Counseling with Anahid will transform you. Deep, personal, and life-changing sessions will move you forward towards transitioning from feeling:

  • Stuck and unhappy to feeling free and joyous
  • Triggered from past traumas to feeling released from the past, free, and moving forward
  • Confused and disconnected due to challenges/uncertainties in personal, relationship, career, and future to feeling grounded, strong, focused, and capable

With intuition and sensitivity, Anahid will guide you towards peace, fulfillment, joy, and harmony. Engage deeply with yourself, let go of patterns of thoughts, decisions, and behaviors that do not serve you, and transition from enmeshment to connecting with your personal power.

Should you instead desire coaching services, Anahid will get you from here, to where you want to be, and remove hurdles you place in your way. You will address specific personal and/or business opportunities, projects, situations, transitions, etc. Together, you will chart a successful course forward.

Let Anahid help you to create an authentic life of peace and joy. She accepts BC/BS, BCN, HAP, and private pay. Call 248 202.0583.

Inspiring Presentations, Trainings, & Writings

Might you seek to impact your organization, company, group, or event via an inspirational speaker and/or trainer? Are you looking for an inspiring author of articles, books, or blogs?

Anahid Lisa Derbabian has a heart to impact people around the world. Upon understanding your goals, desires, and audience(s), she will strategize and deliver inspiring presentations, training, and/or articles to reach your audiences in ways that deeply impact.

Anticipate Anahid’s:

  • Inspiring depth, expertise and insights provided with sensitivity and sometimes humor
  • Extensive experience as a professional presenter/speaker and strategic communicator
  • Career-long authoring of professional articles and editorship

Contact Anahid to continue your vision of impacting, at 248 202.0583.


Contact Anahid

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Contact Licensed Professional Counselor and life coach Anahid Lisa Derbabian, LPC, at 248.202.0583! Her office is centrally located in Troy, Michigan, off of Crooks and Big Beaver, and near the I-75 expressway:

901 Wilshire Drive, Suite 500.
Troy, MI 48084


In her counseling practice, Anahid accepts BC/BS, BCN, HAP, and private pay. For her coaching services, Anahid accepts private pay.

To hire Anahid for an inspiring speaking engagement, training, and/or writing, call Anahid who will be happy to talk with you, understand what you seek, and share ideas and fees.

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